Microsoft To Investigate Chinese Manufacturer Abuse Claims

Following the reports of inhumane treatment of workers by Microsoft's China based supplier KYE, the software giant has announced that it will be sending a team of auditors to determine whether the claims made by the National Labour Committee are true or not.

The National Labour Committee had released a human rights report, which was formed over a period of three years, claiming that the factory administration had employed 15-year olds to assemble Microsoft products.

The report also cited factory reporting that they were treated like prisoners in the premises of the factory and were forced to sleep in primitive bunks, buying their own food and supplies. With work timings of almost 80 hours per week, factory workers reported many ran away within first few weeks of joining.

Commenting on the issues raised by the NLC report, Brian Tobey, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations, Entertainment and Devices, wrote on a blog that “Over the past two years, we have required documentation and verification of worker age, and no incidence of child labor has been detected. We take the allegations raised this week quite seriously.”

Microsoft also claimed that the company had reduced the worker overtime timings and raised their salary is line with the existing norms.