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PC shipments grew by 27 per cent in Q1 2010

Nearly 85 million PCs were shipped in the first quarter of 2010 exceeding expectations.

Bean counters at IT researcher Gartner say the 84.3 million units shipped in the first three months of this year represent a 27.4 per cent rise over the same period last year, substantially better than the 22 per cent they had predicted.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa led the post-recession rush on computer manufacturers whilst the Americas dragged their heels a little only just managing double digit growth.

The outfit reckons a lot of the growth was due to the release of Windows 7 and the subsequent need to replace outdated hardware.

HP led the pack with 19.3 per cent of sales with Dell (12.7 per cent) and Acer (11.7 per cent) making up the rest of the top three.

Asus and Lenovo showed the strongest growth adding 114.8 per cent and 52.9 per cent to their own market shares respectively.