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Sony Adds Facebook Support To PlayTV

Sony Corporation, the company behind PlayStation gaming console, has announced that the company will be dishing out a new update for its PlayTV PS3 receiver by the end of 2010, which will include Facebook integration among other major updates.

The announcement was made on the official PlayStation Blog by PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe, who said that the company will be rolling out the integration after it has tested the service for bugs. However, he failed to mention the details about the other updates that will accompany the Facebook update.

According to the company, the Facebook integration will allow users to keep their profiles updated with what they are currently watching.

Commenting on the much-warranted Facebook integration, Thorpe wrote on the blog that “Just wanted to let you know that the guys at Cambridge studios are working really hard to develop some great new features for PlayTV. The next update for PlayTV is due later this year but testing of some of the new features has already begun.”

However, despite the fact that users welcomed the news about the update, some of them feel the need of a powerful recording feature, which would let them store the content they view via PlayTV on their hard disk.

Our Comments

PlayTV is a little known addition to the PS3 that only costs around £40 and add a single Freeview TV Tuner to the Sony PS3 and converts it into a great looking PVR. Adding a second tuner to PlayTV would be a good place to start with as would be the integration with PS3 altogether.

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