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£25 p/m Samsung Pixon 12 300m 3000t Ultd Internet

The Samsung Pixon 12 is set to be the first all Touchscreen handset to be released incorporating a 12MP digital camera. The specification of the picture taking technology contained within this handset is quite simply breathtaking and includes a host of new innovative features that will ensure the results are equally so.

The smart-auto mode is a great feature which automatically selects the correct scene mode based on the subject placed in front of you.

Another great feature is the touch-autofocus tracking that tracks the subject and ensures it stays in focus no matter how boisterous they become.

Face, Blink and Smile detection are all clever little additions that will only aid your task.

Its easy to think Samsung have put all their eggs in one basket in the Pixon 12, but this handset contains other great features.

A fantastic AMOLED 3.1 inch touchscreen offers amazing image clarity & share options including bluetooth, geo-tagging and MMS.

Available from Vodafone, this Samsung Pixon 12 comes with 300 minutes, 3000 texts, unlimited mobile internet, all for a cost of £25 per month over a period of two years.