Apple Set To Use AMD Processors For Mac Range?

Apple might be looking to extend its control on the vital parts that go in the production of its key devices and sources have confirmed that the Cupertino-based giant is looking towards AMD to provide with graphics and processor components.

According to AppleInsider, senior representatives from AMD have already met with Apple management and this could see a much closer collaboration between the two companies from now on.

The report mentions that Apple is more particularly interested in chips from AMD's workstation and notebook range and could have been presented with advanced roadmaps and products that have yet to be unveiled officially.

Part of Apple's decision to consider AMD as a potential partner also stems from the ongoing feud between Intel and Nvidia where the former has prevented the latter from developing integrated graphics technology for its latest Core processors.

Intel wants to become an even bigger player in the graphics market and the decision to integrate graphics capabilities on the same die as the processor in the Core i3/i5 "Arrandale" family the first step.

The new range of Apple Macbook Pro notebooks which was unveiled on Tuesday 13th uses Nvidia's discrete graphics card coupled with Intel sub-standard integrated video solution.

AppleInsider noted that Apple might be convinced into adopting an all AMD solution which would ensure a more coherent and stable solution at a price that 's much lower than Intel's and with almost the same performance.

It also offers some tantalizing prospects including one where Apple can dictate its own customised x64 CPU design and or graphics solution to AMD, just like it did with Samsung and the A4 ARM SoC used in the iPad.

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Ironically, AMD's share prices fell quiet heavily on Friday down by more than four percent - if after hours trading are accounted for - while the whole technology market went down by just 1.17 percent. There's a shareholders meeting coming up on the 29th of April which might see some interesting announcements.

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