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Microsoft To Stop Supporting Windows Vista RTM

Microsoft, the company behind the Xbox gaming console, has stopped supporting the original version of its Windows Vista operating system from Tuesday, which means that in order to get support from the company, existing Vista customers must be running Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2.

However, the company also added that those running the unsupported version of the Vista operating system, will be able to get help from Microsoft's Support Staff, who have been instructed to assist such customers in any way they can, even if the don't have an existing support contract.

Announcing the removal of support for the operating system, Microsoft wrote on its official blog that “Many customers asked for the ability to receive troubleshooting support from Microsoft on unsupported service packs, if the product itself is still in the Mainstream Support phase or Extended Support phase.”

The company said that they decided to offer unofficial support for the OS, after several customers requested that they deserved assistance if they were experiencing problems or if they wanted to migrate to a different OS.

However, Microsoft also added that although the unsupported version will be receiving unofficial support, it will not be getting updates like security updates.

Our Comments

Vista is already seen by many as a footnote in history being crushed by Windows 7 and Windows XP. Still there are millions using the operating system worldwide every day; SP1 and SP2 have significantly boosted its appeal and to be honest Windows 7 is just a better version of Vista.

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