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Comment : Apple Pondering Over AMD Purchase?

The article by Apple Insider over Apple in advanced discussions with AMD brought back the possibility of the acquistion of the Sunnyvale-based company by the consumer electronics giant.

Back in February 2009, when the shares of AMD were worth nearly five times less than they are now, we urged Apple to buy AMD, at a time when it was valued at a mere $1.24 billion - its net worth has now ballooned to $6.6 billion.

Apple has bought two non x86 processor companies - P.A. Semi for $278 million and Instinsity for an undisclosed sum - in the past three years and has invested in a third, Imagination Technologies.

Now an outright purchase of AMD now would mean that Apple would secure the future of its processor and graphics solutions range. The acqusition would allow Apple to influence the design and direction of key technology like never before.

Then there's the fact that AMD is on the verge of delivering its long-awaited Fusion range of products which integrates high performance graphics solution from its Radeon range and processor technology, while keeping manufacturing costs and thermals low and boosting performance significantly.

We suspect that Apple is privy to classified information from AMD, possibly roadmaps of future products far beyond the ones that have been released.

Our Comments

Buying AMD would also mean that Intel would be free to significantly raise prices of processors in the Windows PC market which in turn would mean that Apple computers would become comparatively cheaper and would allow it to get an even bigger marketshare.

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