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Mephedrone replacement tips up online

No sooner did mephedrone get banned than a new variant "high" named MDAI has tipped up for sale on the Internet

Mephedrone, which ended up with the street name meow-meow was classified as a class B drug this weekend.

Sites selling mephedrone had to stop by Wednesday at 3pm deadline. By the weekend many had replaced mephedrone with the new substance which it will again take the authorities a while to ban

Our research reveals that suppliers are charging £25 for a gram - which apparently is twice the cost that mephedrone settled at.

The drug is a tweak of the mix of various drugs based on the MDMA or ecstasy root and derivatives. Chemists fiddle with the chemical make-up of a banned drug to make a new variant which is sold through dodgy outfits until a ban on the new substance can be enforced.

The whole merry-go-round then starts again.