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Adobe outs Flash and Air betas for Android

Adobe is looking for beta testers for Flash and AIR on the Android mobile platform.

Video streaming software Flash and multimedia content building application Air are both currently in private beta. There's no indication of when the programmes will become public but Adobe is asking the great unwashed to sign up for notifications on two seperate sign up pages for Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.0.

Adobe's official blog says: "We just started the private betas and we are really looking forward to getting these technologies into your hands as soon as possible. There are going to be so many interesting things that you will be able to do on Android and there are also going to be many new skills that you will need to learn, especially if you are new to mobile design."

Blackberry and Palm versions of the applications are expected in the second half of the year.

Apple is not expected to join the party.