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Apple Patents Mobile E-Ticketing Solution

Patently Apple, a blog dedicated to unearthing secret patents filed by Apple Inc., has reported that a patent application filed by the Cupertino based company with the US Patent and Trademark Office indicates at an e-ticketing system for the iPhone smartphone.

The article on Patently Apple revealed that the e-ticketing technology, called 'Concert Ticket +', will allow users to convert their smartphones into e-tickets, which can be scanned at the venue of the concert, thereby eliminating the risk of forgetting one's ticket and reducing the use of paper.

According to the patent filing, the iPod maker will be integrating its iTunes music store with the new 'Concert Ticket +', by allowing users to purchase concert tickets and downloading them on their iPhones and iPod Touch.

Interestingly, exploring the intricacies of the patent filing revealed that Apple plans to go far beyond the realm of concert tickets by introducing downloadable e-tickets for theme parks, amusement parks, sporting events and the upcoming Apple World Developer conference.

The integration with the iTunes music store indicates that the technology will rely heavily on concert e-tickets and the patent filing also hinted that the customers will also be able to download backstage content and other media related to the concert for which they have bought the ticket for.

Our Comments

Again, let's emphasize the fact that there's nothing to say that Apple will, if ever, launch this solution. Like so many other tech companies, research and development is an investment in the future. IBM, Google, Microsoft and others produce thousands of patents every year, with only a handful being actually money earners.

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