Apple shipping 3G iPad May 7th

Apple will start shipping the cellular version of the iPad 'by May 7th' according to the company's online store.

The Cupertino company has already shifted more than half a million of the flat devices to early adopters and is having sooo much trouble keeping up with demand that is has had to postpone the tablet's worldwide launch.

The company has also imposed a 'two iPads per person' limit on orders, no doubt to stop opportunistic eBay spivs from scalping desperate Apple fanboys.

Apple is thought to be in negotiation with UK airtime providers right now, but America's AT&T is currently offering two non-contract which offer 250MB for $15 or unlimited data for $30 a month.

Vodafone, O2 and Orange are all expected to offer the device for sale in the UK some time after May 10th, as long as Apple is planning to move the devices from China by surface routes, of course.