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Apple's next gen 4G iPhone left in bar

Apple's next generation iPhone has been spotted in the wild and it looks like it could be the real thing for once.

Every year dozens of crappy fakes are put together by sniggering design students or hit-hungry web sites, purporting to be the next great product from Apple. They range from shoddy Photoshop hash jobs to convincing three dimensional renders and even painstakingly scratch-built faux prototypes.

But for once it looks like an Apple leak has come up with a genuine article, in this case the G4 iPhone, due to be released some time in June of July if the rumour mill is to be believed.

Gizmodo has pics and videos, and even some shots of the innards of the beats which we have to admit are the most convincing fakes we have ever seen.

Either that or they are the genuine article (or at the very least a genuine Apple prototype).

The handset was found in a bar in Redwood City California which is less than 20 miles from Apple's Cupertino Campus.

The found handset features a front-facing camera with flash and a much higher resolution display than the current 3Gs model.

It's less curvy than its older siblings with a completely flat back, and slightly heavier despite having a substantially larger battery.

Gizmodo is convinced that this is the genuine article, not least because it behaves exactly like an iPhone when hooked up to iTunes, uses a Micro Sim which is currently exclusive to Apple, and has lots of Apple-labeled components inside.