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Breaking : "Official" Apple iPhone 4G Smartphone Presented By Gizmodo

US technology website Gizmodo had been keeping quiet over the weekend while its archrival Engadget sucked in the pageviews over the leading story of THAT iPhone 4G smartphone being discovered in a bar in SF.

Turned out that Gizmodo managed - somehow - to get their hands on the said iPhone and did a pretty good job at reviewing, analysing, taking pictures and even making a mini video review of the device.

As expected (see our earlier news story), the phone turned out to be a Marmite-like model, one that shuns the established iPhone heritage, moving away from the curved, pebble-like form factor, towards one which is more rectangular, reminiscent of some Sony Ericsson designs.

The phone - which is as near as the final model as it can get - was reportedly lost by a tester and Daring Fireball's John Gruber says that Apple is working hard to get it back, meaning that Gizmodo could be hit with a string of legal requests from the Cupertino-based company fairly soon.

There's approximately 60 days for the launch of the iPhone 4G to happen; we expect it to come after the 22nd of June 2010 - the official start of Summer, when the iPhone OS 4.0 will be released.

The iPhone 4G will almost certainly go on sale worldwide by the end of June 2010 after it is announced at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference event in San Francisco.