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Fake Grey Apple iPhone 4G Smartphone Pics Emerge

Photos of an iPad like iPhone device empty enclosure have appeared a few days ago online which apparently shows that Apple is moving towards a unibody design and a 64GB iPhone 4G device.

The three pictures, that can be seen on, show a deceptively un-Apple model with what some call very harsh lines and is a radical departure from the Cupertino company's more rounded shapes.

There's a circular camera lens hole as well as an empty space for the ring/silent switch and the volume rocker plus the usual doc connector, microphone and speaker at the bottom of the device.

Macrumors says that the pictures metadata demonstrate that they have been photoshopped which some conclude, means that they are renderings rather than actual products.

Others point out to the fact that there's no space for any flash whose presence was detected in the recently released iPhone OS 4.0, which was incidentally launched after the first photo was created on the 23rd of March. In addition, the writing on the oldest photo appeared to be rotated in the wrong way.

The next iPhone 4G is expected to arrive during the next Worldwide Developer Conference which will be held in San Francisco at the end of June. That said, there are rumours that the device could appear as early as the 22nd of June.

Our Comments

It is very, very unlikely that the device is actually the next generation iPhone 4G. Let alone one that comes with an all aluminium body which would literally kill wireless reception. The new iPhone will need to up the game tremendously though to make sure that Android doesn't get the upper hand.

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