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Gizmodo's Apple iPhone 4G To Have HD Ready Display?

As the Gizmodo story about the iPhone 4G unravels, we learnt that the phone will have a slightly smaller screen compared to the current iPhone 3GS but John Gruber of Daring Fireball reckons that it might have a 960x640 pixel screen.

iPhone and iPod Touch devices have had a 320x480 screen resolution ever since their respective launches years ago and given the fact that the competition is offering a much higher PPI (Pixel Per Inch), now is the time for Apple to up the ante.

However, unlike John we believe that Apple will offer a HD ready screen resolution, meaning that it will need to display at least 720 horizontal lines. Our bet, is that Apple will adopt a 1080x720 pixel resolution (3:2 screen ratio).

This would be by far the highest pixel count on the market, far higher than Sony Ericsson's X10 854x480 pixels and would make Apple's only HD ready smartphone on the market. Now that's a credential to die for certainly, especially if they can carry the HD logo with that as well.

Interestingly, this screen resolution is great for applications that will run on the iPad and on the iPhone 4G. The former has a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels, which means that there would be minimal resizing compared to the current iPhone generation (6.7 percent only).

Most importantly though, a HD-ready screen resolution would prepare the iPhone for the big screen, something which we believe is also going to explain why the new iPhone is sporting a box-like form factor rather than the curvy one we're used to.

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