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Gizmodo's iPhone 4G : Is This A Setup?

Could it be that Apple is literally misleading the rest of the world by voluntarily "leaking" a real life iPhone 4G model that not only works but looks like a proper Apple prototype?

Well, as an astute commentator noticed, Engadget, which first came up with the story on Friday, said that the phone was found in a bar in San Jose. Gizmodo on the other hand says clearly that it was found in Redwood City in another bar.

A quick look on Google Maps shows that there are 24 miles between the two places. How can the phone travel that distance unassisted? Who knows? (ed : an earlier version of this article mentioned Redmond City rather than Redwood City, apologies for this unfortunate mistake).

Is there a collusion between the two big technology websites? Very unlikely. Did Apple lose two identical phones within 24 hours of each other? Even more unlikely from a company that values secrecy as one of its main tenets.

Engadget did not provide more details about the metadata of the pictures it was sent which means that it is difficult to say whether the phone was actually lost last Friday or even before.

Gizmodo did not say how they happened to get hold of the phone from the bar, who provided it to them and most importantly, whether it has been returned.

Other than these small questions, there's the fact that the design is very, very far from what Apple preference for using loads of curves in almost all of its designs.

The iPad is curvy, ditto for the iPod Touch, the iPod Nano, the Macbook Air and even the Mac Pro. The Picture of the iPhone 4G 2010 courtesy of Gizmodo and you can read more about our initial Gizmodo Apple iPhone 4G smartphone here.