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Google Announces Cloud Based Printing Solution

Google Inc., the company behind the Android operating system, has announced that it is on the verge of developing a cloud based printing solution.

This will allow users to print documents using there tablet PCs, smartphones and desktops without the need of drivers.

Google's new and upcoming cloud based printing service will definitely prove a boon to the users of Apple's iPad, which does not come with printing support.

The cloud based printing service will be compatible with Chrome OS and other web based platforms, according to Google.

The announcement was made on the company's official Chromium Blog in a post written by Mike Jazayeri, Group Product Manager for Google, who wrote that “Since in Google Chrome OS all applications are web apps, we wanted to design a printing experience that would enable web apps to give users the full printing capabilities that native apps have today.”

Google explained that as more and web features and technology was embracing the cloud, it was only natural that someone came out with a driver less printing solution for devices and services based on the cloud.

Another reason cited by Google for a cloud based print function was that the new devices entering the market did not offer support for printer drivers, which are traditionally required to be installed on a drive before printing anything.

Our Comments

The Google Cloud Print, will also users to print documents from any web enabled device, whether a tablet, smartphone or desktop, to any printer. It will be a boon for all those who want to print something but can't be bothered to look for device drivers.

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