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Google Street View Snaps Woman 43 Times

Wendy Southgate, a resident of UK's Suffolk Village, has been photographed 43 times by Google Street View, while she was walking her dog Trixie in her neighbourhood.

Mrs. Southgate had seen the Street View car doing rounds in the Suffolk Village and also added the car was going at an excruciatingly slow pace, travelling in circles.

The Google Street View error was discovered by her husband, Terry Southgate, who had been alerted by his wife that she might appear on Street View.

Commenting on the surprising event, Terry Southgate, said in a statement to the Sun that “It was a surprise when I found Wendy and the dog. Then there she was - over and over again. I counted 43 different shots.”

Terry Southgate, who works in the fire service, reported that upon following his wife's usual walk routine, he discovered that she had been photographed by the Street View car multiple times.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Southgate claims that the Street View car 'followed; her around during her half mile walk around her block.

Google Street View, an online mapping service which allows users to navigate and locate places of business, has been widely criticised by several UK citizens and privacy advocates alike for being an obvious intrusion of privacy.

Our Comments

Just a light-hearted story really. Although Google Street View has been criticised by many, it has quickly become one of the most sought after services from Google, one that can even be credited with the forthcoming destruction of the stand alone Satnav industry.

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