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Twitter, Facebook Helping Travellers Get Back Home

The volcanic eruption in Iceland has resulted in several thousand passengers being stranded at airports across Europe, struggling to cope with the unforeseen situation and trying to find ways to get back home.

But it seems that they have turned to online social media in order to find a way to deal with the prevailing situation instead of waiting for the airports to open.

A series of communities have sprung across all the popular social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook, which are dedicated to providing assistance to passengers stranded across European airports.

Among the services that have propped opened, on of the most popular is the Calais Rescue service, which is offering boat services to foot passengers who are stranded in France. Another service, Skjutsgruppen is offering carpool services to people stranded in airports across Sweden.

The social media tools are offering people a chance to connect with people stuck in similar situations and allowing them to find a way to get out of the problem.

Twitter communities like #getmehome, #stranded and #putmeup are also helping people connect with fellow passengers who are stranded and organise carpools in order to get to their homes.

So far, the services have allowed many people to share a car, boat or bus in order to reach home.

Our Comments

The service has shown the relative vulnerability of tens of thousands who have been hit hard by the inability of airlines to operate normally, something that is currently being considered by businesses as an act of God meaning that there's not much that cna actually be done.

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