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UK IT Expenditure May Not Rise As Fast As Expected

A prominent UK IT expert has cautioned that it might be sometime before IT spending in the UK sees significant growth, following the recession, even though countries like the US are reporting a steady rise in enterprise IT expenditures.

The prediction was made by Michael Dean, head of marketing at the National Computing Centre, who added that the UK has always been behind other countries in terms of recovering from the recession, which might affect the IT spending in the country.

The marketing head explained that the enterprise IT administrators were still cautious about the unpredictable economy and were holding back until they see sure signs of the economy improving.

He did however say that once they gain confidence in the rising economy, UK might see increased spending in certain specific IT sectors including desktop sales.

Commenting on the prevailing situation, Dean said in a statement that “Many corporates have held back on desktop upgrades, so if confidence increases we foresee an increase in desktop sales, helped by the positive feedback around the recent Windows 7 operating system.”

Meanwhile, a study by research firm Gartner has revealed that global IT spending will see a rise of 5.3 percent during 2010, resulting in IT expenditures reaching £229 billion ($353 billion).

Our Comments

Investment in the UK in the tech market will not be as high as some might have expected but there it is slowly and surely rising. Will the next government actually continue spending on technology as it did over the last 13 years?

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