Apple "Confirms" iPhone 4G Model, Wants Prototype Back From Gizmodo

As expected, Apple has started to pester Gizmodo on the phone and by email/snail mail asking them to return the device, although they'd be happy to pick up the unit.

In a letter published by the Gawker Media website, Bruce Sewell, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Apple, formally request for the device to be returned back to its original owner.

This, as Brian Lam, the Editorial Director of Gizmodo puts it, is the final proof that the lost iPhone is indeed the real thing, a prototype of the device that Apple will launch in June 2010.

Lam replied to Sewell asking him to get in touch with Jason Chen, the guy who actually penned the article. Curiously, they claimed that they "didn't know this was stolen", from which one might infer that it was.

Furthermore Lam asks that Apple "take it easy" on the guy who lost the iPhone prototype in the first place. He's Gray Powell, an iPhone software engineer at Apple.

Gizmodo's Editorial director also revealed that the unknown persons who found the Apple 4G prototype tried to contact Apple when they found it but were apparently fobbed by the company.

All in all though, it has been a pretty good PR exercise for Apple. Two of the biggest technology websites on the planet cover the iPhone for free and create the kind of buzz that money cannot buy.

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