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Apple Counter Sues Kodak Over Patent Infringement Claims

Apple Inc., has filed a lawsuit against Eastman Kodak at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on April 15 to counter the patent infringement lawsuit that was filed against iPhone maker Apple along with Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry range in February, alleging infringement of its Digital Camera Technology by both companies.

The iPod maker has fired back with an allegation that Kodak has infringed upon two of its patents, claiming that several products owned by Kodak like the C,M and Z series Easyshares cameras and camcorders are using its patented technologies.

However considering the previous cases of copyright infringement filed by Apple, including an unresolved counter lawsuit against Nokia last year and the one against HTC over iPhone patent infringement, the Cupertino based company seems no stranger to courtroom battles.

Although the ITC had considered taking an action against Apple over the patent infringement complaints made by Kodak, the counter lawsuit filed by Apple seems to have made the regulator review its decision.

It seems the court battle between Apple ans Kodak would hardly lead them to any gain and might leave them with no other option than negotiating outside the court room.