Apple iPad 2G To Use OLED Screens

Consumer giant Apple is expected to use OLED panels for its next generation iPad device according to sources in Taiwan who have pegged its release date for 2011.

According to Digitimes, companies working in the component industry reckon that Apple will opt for the more energy efficient and better quality technology as prices may drop significantly by next year.

However, one of Digitimes own analyst says that 2011 is too early for the release of an OLED-based Apple iPad. Mingchi Kuo quotes the current price of a 9.7-inch OLED panel of $500, more than eight times the $60-odd an equivalent LCD panel costs.

Many current LCD manufacturers have invested massively in OLED research and development; furthermore big guns like Koreans Chaebols Samsung and LG have pulled out their checkbooks to buy additional manufacturing capacity or OLED companies altogether.

While it is interesting to note that Apple seems to have adopted a yearly life cycle for its iPad, mimicking the same trend in its iPod and iPhone range, we believe that it won't be until 2013 that Apple will launch OLED iPads.

Apple might also be tempted to release OLED technology for its higher priced iPad models, the one with 3G and WiFi. Finally, expect OLED to appear on a big scale on a smaller screen near you. OLED on iPhone in 2011?

Our Comments

OLED, rather than 3D, appears to be the multi-screen of the future. It encompasses the best of all worlds; it is incredibly thin, very energy efficient, produces exceptional pictures and would not be out of place either on a phone, on a digital photo frame or as a 60-inch television.

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