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Apple iPhone 4G : Behind The New Design

Despite the many questions that Gizmodo's surprise announcement of the Apple iPhone 4G have raised, there remains the underlying reality, that there the phone exists and has been thoroughly dissected and analysed by the tech website.

Apple apparently chose a rectangular "boxy" form factor with lots of hard lines to maximise volume and pack as much electronics as possible. Gizmodo promised to provide with more details in a future article.

Jason Chen, the reviewer, said that the back was entirely flat made either of glass or ceramic or shiny plastic but later said that Apple apparently opted for a black plastic back instead.

This reminded us of an article by John Gruber of Daring Fireball about a patent filed by Apple back in 2006 which covered high durability ceramic enclosures which ressemble glass but are far more resistant and stronger.

Shedding Aluminium will possibly to improve reception yet Gizmodo says that it feels much less plasticky than the iPhone 3GS. That said, either glass or ceramic have lower density than Aluminium (between 2 and 2.6g/cc compared to 2.7g/cc).

Gizmodo says that the new iPhone 4G design is back to basics and the shape actually reminds us of the iPod 5G. There's also an aluminium border going all around the phone and interrupted only by the various holes for microphone, volume buttons, connectors etc.

The iphone 4G prototype dimensions are 4.50 by 2.31 by 0.37 inches while the old ones were 4.5 by 2.4 by 0.48 inches; so slightly thicker and wider.

Finally, the iPhone 4G is a tad heavier than the previous version as well at 140g vs 135g for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. Note though that this could well be a prototype rather than the final version of the iPhone 4G so things may change.