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Apple To Roll Out 3G iPad Models In US On April 30

Apple is gearing up for the launch of the game changing WiFi+3G version of the iPad in the US on the 30th of April and issued a press statement saying that the "magical device" will be available on that date in Apple Store from 5pm.

Customers purchasing the iPad instore will get a free personal set up service and Apple stores will also hold special iPad workshops for the "magical" piece of technology. Those who have preordered the device will also receive it during the day.

iPad 3G versions are significantly more expensive than the non-3G ones. The 16GB model fetches $629, $130 more than the WiFi Only one, while the 32GB and 64GB iPad 3G cost $729 and $829 respectively.

AT&T will be offering truly unlimited 3G pre-paid data plans for the iPad for as little as $29.99 while a 250MB data quota will be available for $14.99.

In the UK, all three major network operators have announced that they will be stocking the iPad from May 2010 although they failed to say how much data plans would cost.

Preorders for the iPad in the country will be opened on the 10th of May with delivery of both the WiFi and the 3G versions expected towards the end of the next month.

Our Comments

We suspect however that other smaller players, especially 3 UK and GiffGaff, will come up with their own iPad 3G offer and might even offer a phone+ipad package. We'd be terribly interested in a £10 data package as offered by GiffGaff even if it has a 1GB data quota.

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