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Engadget vs Gizmodo : The Murky Side Of The iPhone 4G Saga

We are still troubled about how Gizmodo managed to get hold of the iPhone 4G prototype and the way Apple has kept its calm all along, despite the potential huge stakes.

Nick Denton, the head of Gawker Media, confirmed via Twitter that it paid $5000 for the device and reaffirmed his allegiance to the readers, saying that he'd do anything for a story.

Funny thing is that they received the iPhone 4G prototype "weeks" after it was apparently lost. Gizmodo would not say how it landed on their laps and how they managed to get in touch with the right person who apparently might have qualms selling the iPhone on Ebay but not to Gizmodo.

Now there's another slant to the story, one that we understand points to a hidden bidding war between Engadget and Gizmodo which the former ultimately lost with dire consequences for its page views numbers.

Engadget's early article on Friday possibly led to Gizmodo to up the ante and start preparing for a barrage of articles the following Monday as traffic over the weekend is normally underwhelming.

On Sunday at 4:03PM, Engadget posted its "iPhone 4G : Proof" and 18 hours later, Gizmodo shook us all with their world exclusive.

Dailyfinance, which is owned by AOL, says that Engadget, a sister website, did not want to bid for the photos because they "aren't in the habit of paying for scoops" and this "encourages awful behavior in tipsters".

There's also the fact that AOL, which is still a huge corporation, might have been discouraged from taking on risks that could have otherwise put it at odds with Apple.

Denton on the other hand is a proud proponent of Checkbook Journalism and the 20 million page views it generated yesterday have more than paid off the $5000 the publisher invested in the story.

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