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Google Adds Localised Suggestions & Spell Checker

In an attempt to combat the pressure from Microsoft's Bing search engine, internet search company Google has dished three new features for its Google Search service which are designed to help the users reach desired search results more easily and quickly.

The first and the most interesting improvement makes the auto-search feature city-specific, moving away from the country specific search results, thus making the search results more relevant to a user's area and making them more localized.

The search engine giant explained that as most users found it difficult to get to the desired search results when they type in a search term with wrong spelling and the new and improved Google Search will intuitively try to offer results based on the correct spelling.

This means that the familiar 'Did you mean this?' phrase, will be placed on top of the search results page, making it convenient for users to look for the desired information.

Google, which is the company behind the popular Android OS, also added that its search engine will now be able to provide suggestions to the wrongly spelled queries in 31 languages in more than 180 territories with an improved software to figure out the names of the people living in that specific area.