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Hackers Disguise Trojan Horse As Google Chrome Extension

Google's highly popular Chrome browser has been targeted by hackers who have created a trojan virus which is posing as a Google Chrome extension, security company BitDefender has reported.

BitDefender's blog, Malware City reported that owing to the increasing popularity of Google's Chrome browser, it has come under the radar of cyber criminals who exploit the internet technology for their own agenda.

The blog explained that the malware was circulated to Chrome users via email, which claimed that Google had launched a new Google Chrome extension designed to 'help you to better organize your documents received in your e-mail'.

Upon further investigation it was found that the email contained a link to a fake Google Chrome Extensions page which in turn contains a downloadable extension not to a Chrome Extension file but to an executable file containing the malicious load.

The trojan, which has been identified by BitDefender as Trojan.Agent.20577, once installed, blocks access to official Google and Yahoo website and redirects the unsuspecting users to fake websites filled with malicious content.

Expressing her views on the matter, BitDefender's Sabina Datcu, wrote on the Malware City blog that “As more and more people are using Google Chrome and its functionalities to browse the net and to organize information, cyber criminals have set their minds on exploiting this environment to spread malware and steal users’ information.”

Our Comments

Google Chrome will be targeted increasingly by criminals who will piggy back on Chrome's increasing popularity. Google's browser might be intrinsically safe but its extensions are still opened to abuse. The search giant will have to make sure that it keeps its extensions feature opened enough but at the same time as secure as possible.

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