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Irish Judge Approves "Three Strikes" Rule In Eircom Case

A high court in Ireland has passed a landmark judgement, upholding the right of a creator and supporting the “three strikes and you are out” approach against internet piracy in country.

The approach was implemented with the passing of the controversial Digital Economy Bill and follows in the footsteps of the French government and the government of New Zealand.

The latest judgement comes after several major music companies sued Eircom, which is the largest internet service provider (ISP) in Ireland, for not taking any action against the rampant acts of copyright infringement taking place on its network.

Commenting on the landmark judgement, the Irish judge called internet just another tool of communication and has strongly rejected the idea of calling cyberspace an another world.

According to him,the internet entitles to same rules and regulations like any other channel of communication in the world, as there is no law or regulation that excludes an otherwise crime, only because it takes place on the internet.

The judge, who joins the ranks of those who support the draconian rules laid out by the bill, maintained that anyone found in violation of the copyright laws, will have their internet connection cut off.

The decision will also send a strong message to the governments to check online privacy and protect their creative industries.

Our Comments

The court's decision has been touted as hugely important by John Kennedy, CEO International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, as it will protect the fundamental right of the creators and artists over the internet.

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