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Lenovo Rolls Out LePhone & Chinese App Store

China-based computer manufacturer, Lenovo, has announced that the company is going to enter the global smartphone market with three new wireless devices, including the company's much awaited Lephone, in an attempt to carve a niche.

Lenovo, which is one of largest manufacturer of desktop PCs and laptops in world, said that its move marks the increase of global mobile internet traffic, which is predicted to cross that of desktop PCs pretty soon.

According to a statement released by company, Lenovo plans to launch its mobile internet products in the emerging Chinese smartphone market, giving direct competition to Apple's iPhone and Research in Motion's BlackBerry.

The company also plans to slowly introduce the smartphones in other emerging markets before taking them to more developed markets, which are currently being lorded over by the iPhone and the BlackBerry smartphone devices.

Lenovo also showed off its flagship product Lephone, which apart from being powered by Google's open source Android OS, comes with exciting features such as multi-tasking and a BlackBerry like push-email functionality.

There's also a custom made online application store designed exclusively for the Chinese market Interestingly, even though the company is using Google's Android OS in Lephone, it has strategically swapped the phone's default search engine from Google to Baidu search.

Our Comments

Lenovo is showing that it won't necessarily curb to the wishes of Google to include the main Android components in the LePhone. Google search is out as is Google Marketplace, replaced by Baidu and Lenovo's own version. Still, we're waiting for more ambition from the Chinese manufacturer.

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