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Meebo Launches Xauth Data Framework Platform

Meebo, a Mountain-View, California-based company, that carved a niche for itself with its browser based instant messaging client, is gearing-up to launch Xauth (Extended Authentication), an open platform that is designed to help its users share information with a group of their favourite social networking sites.

Although Meebo has a long way to go before it reaches the popularity of Google or Facebook, it has made a position for itself by tying up with high-profile internet companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and MySpace, in its new venture Xauth, clearly flagging a face off with the social networking giant, Facebook.

Xauth will beam social networking to a whole new level by enabling its users to access their accounts and connect with their friends and share information with anyone on any website, no matter where they are.

This is unlike Facebook connect, which is available to only Facebook users, Meebo's Xauth will be open to any site that joins the protocol, making web access easier and less cumbersome.

However the possible privacy issues arising from it are yet to be considered and thought through. Nevertheless, this is pretty impressive stuff from a company that initially came up with a web-based alternative to client-based IM.

Our Comments

When there is a group of people coming together,the information is bound to be shared among them and this idea seems to be religiously followed by the social networking sites which are coming together to give us a bigger platforms to share our information, videos, chats etc.

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