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Microsoft Launches Intune Fix-it Solution

Microsoft Corp., the California based software company, has rolled out a new cloud based service, Intune, which is designed to help small and mid sized enterprises in managing remote desktop PCs at a relatively lower cost and is based on the Windows 7 enterprise edition.

The company said that its new cloud based services offering will assist those companies which don't have the resources to deploy an on-premise remote desktop management system.

Microsoft also added that Intune, which will be marketed to companies having more 500 desktop PCs, will allow administrators to keep a check on security policies and manage the licenses and compliance on systems running Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Commenting on the release of the first beta of the remote desktop management (RDM) tool, Microsoft spokesperson Brandon LeBlanc, said in a statement that “They’ve been coming to us asking for a solution that will meet their specific needs. They are doing this because it gives them new IT capabilities with lower upfront investment and without the restrictions of traditional on-premise infrastructure.”

Apart from the Intune remote desktop management tool, Microsoft also unleashed a whole range of new and improved Windows XP and Vista support software, which are based on the company's highly popular Windows 7 OS.

Our Comments

Some of the newly launched support systems include Microsoft Fixit Client, which brings the self-diagnostic abilities of Windows 7 to Win XP and Vista. Microsoft's Windows Cloud Management service will unfortunately be useless to home users for now.

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