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Microsoft Puts Office 2010 In RTM Mode

Microsoft Corp. has announced that the company has put the Office 2010 enterprise productivity suite into mass manufacturing, which will be launched on the 12th of May.

The Office 2010 RTM was announced by the company on the official Office 2010 Engineering blog, in a post written by Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Takeshi Numoto, who said that the company has also released the RTMs for its SharePoint 2010, Vision 2010 and Project 2010.

Emphasising on the efforts made by the developers to create the RTMs, Mr. Numoto, wrote on the blog that “It is also an appropriate time to re-emphasize our sincere gratitude to the more than 5,000 organizations and partners who have worked with us on rapid deployment and testing of the products.”

The company said that owing to the massive number of downloads received by the beta version of Office 2010, customers will not have a problem with migrating to the already familiar software, leading to a record breaking launch of the product.

Microsoft, which has also just launched a new smartphone developed in partnership with Sharp, also announced that the product will be made available to the public in June and has already started taking pre-orders for the product.

Our Comments

Office is by far the most important software for Microsoft after Windows. It is not often acknowledged as such but it is the one which is the more at risk of suffering from the arrival of competitors like Google Docs.

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