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Production problems causing UK iPad delay

Steve Jobs disappointed the rest of the world when he announced last week that America had eaten all the iPads.

Citing unexpected demand, Jobs told the UK, and the rest of the planet, that it would have to wait an extra month to get its eager hands on the potentially game-changing tablet device.

Having sold the first batch of 500,000 in a few short days, Apple said that its Chinese manufacturing partners were churning out the goods as quickly as they possibly could.

But a report on Bloomberg today suggests that the unexpected demand excuse is nothing more than spin, and that the company is struggling to find enough good quality 9.7-inch display panels to keep up with the rest of the assembly process.

Isuppli bean counter Andrew Rassweiller reckons that LG, Samsung and Seiko are all having problems with low yields on the large touch-screen panels and an Apple spokeswoman said that demand will continue to exceed supply for the next few weeks at least.