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Talktalk Switches Customers To Own Fibre-Optic Network

Internet Service Provider Talktalk has announced that it will be moving its customers from BT to its own fibre-optic infrastructure without giving an exact schedule.

The move comes as another broadband provider, Orange, revealed that it would do the exact opposite - handing over its network to BT - against a much higher coverage and a better quality of service.

Talktalk has already added 1,700 phone exchanges across the UK to its LLU portfolio which means that 80 percent of UK households should be able to access the services.

The largest consumer broadband provider is also adamant that it will be able to up that proportion to 90 percent over the next 12 months as it builds up. In comparison, O2 only covers 70 percent of UK with its unbundled network.

Mark Schmid, communications director at Talktalk, said that "The industry expectation is that consumption of data online will increase by a whopping 50 per cent year-on-year over the next few years. We're enhancing our network to cope with this explosive rise in demand".

The company had announced last month that it was upping the line speed of its broadband customers to 24Mbps at no extra costs in a bid to become more competitive with the rest of the market.

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Talktalk is also looking forward to launch Project Canvas on its platform, something that would allow it to offer a triple play service on par with Virgin Media, BT or Sky. And obviously, they might go Quadplay with Talkmobile.

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