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Why Is Apple So Quiet About Gizmodo's iPhone 4G Saga

One of the reasons why so many believe that the Gizmodo story is just a marketing ploy from Apple to amplify the buzz surrounding the iPhone 4G comes from the fact that Apple is normally more aggressive and paranoid when it comes to its flagship products.

We're talking of a company that back in 2007 before the launch of the first iPhone bullied the press, launched Bogus prototypes, kept even its senior managers in the dark and even disrupted the family life of its own employees.

This article from CNN back in January 2007 provides with a detailed description about the extent to which it will go to protect its secrecy. We know also that factories where Apple devices are manufactured in China are heavily guarded and that in one specific instance, someone committed suicide because an early iPhone prototype went missing.

Many have also expressed their surprise that Apple did not demand that the iPhone 4G article from Gizmodo be pulled down. The main article pulled more than 5.1 million page views and at least just as many page views were generated by secondary articles.

Back in January 2010, Valleywag - a sister website to Gizmodo - offered a bounty for information related to the Apple iPad device. They put up to $100,000 on the table for anyone who would be able to allow Valleywag to play with it for 60 minutes.

Apple's immediately sent a rather nasty letter to the editor in chief of the publication ending with "Accordingly, Apple demands that Gawker Media immediately discontinue the program" or otherwise risk the wrath of Apple's legal team.