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The £1264 50-inch 3D TV Set : Samsung Takes Lead in Tech Battle

Samsung appears to be the first to have open the flood gates with an "affordable" 3D television model, the 50-inch Samsung PS50C7000, that's currently on offer for as little as £1264.

The set, which is part of the Series 7 family, has a native resolution of 1920x1080, displayed gloriously on a 127cm diagonal with an inbuilt Freeview Tuner.

Online electronics specialist RobertWhyte sells the set with five year warranty and shipping for a mere £1364.97, only slightly more than what a "normal" Series 7 model would cost.

Amongst other features that Samsung PS50C7000 offers are 600Hz subfield motion technology which packs 10 sub-fields in each frame which apparently makes contours crisper and motion less jerky, internet@tv platform which allows the user to access services such as Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer, Twitter, Facebook and others and the firm's proprietary RBF (Real Black Filter) which makes pictures more vivid with "rich, deep blacks" (ed : they all claim that).

The Samsung PS50C7000 features an ultra slim profile, with a metallic black surface and a transparent textured bezel, all supported by a rather stylish stand. Samsung also claims that its new generation Plasma TV consumes 70 percent less power compared to last year's model and is made from eco-friendly materials.

It also packs more than enough connectivity options; four HDMI v1.4, Digital Audio Out, Ethernet, D-Sub, USB, Scart and two USB ports amongst others. Note that Lambda-tek sells it for £1264 excluding delivery.