Adobe Abandons iPhone App Development

Software company Adobe Systems, the company behind the popular Acrobat Reader, has announced that it will be no longer developing an iPhone software compiler for its upcoming Flash CS5 creativity suite.

The decision to forgo any development and investment towards building an iPhone compatible software compiler comes after Apple changed its iPhone Developer Program License Agreement when it released the API for iPhone 4.0 OS, banning developers from using compilers other than that from Apple.

Expressing his views on the mater, Mike Chambers of Adobe, wrote on his blog that “While it appears that Apple may selectively enforce the terms. We will still be shipping the ability to target the iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5. However, we are not currently planning any additional investments in that feature.”

Chambers, who has been working with Adobe for developing applications based on Flash, Generator, .NET, Central, Flex, and Ajax, also hinted that the iPod maker might also start removing applications which were developed using Adobe Flash CS5.

The Adobe developer, who pegged the number of CS5 based iPhone apps at 100 or more, also voiced out the company's inhibitions about the draconian developer license agreement enforced by Apple, which, according to Adobe, plans to restrict the usability of its iPhone OS.

Our Comments

Apple has seemingly won the battle against Adobe but that can only be a bad thing and might actually get developers to reconsider their stand as some re-evaluates whether it is actually worth developing for a platform that carries so much uncertainty.

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