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Apple reports record profits again

Apple reported its best non-holiday quarter ever with a 90 per cent increase in profit over last year.

The Cupertino company raked in £13.5 billion in revenue for the second quarter of 2010 and a net profit of £3.07 billion compared to $1.62 billion for the same period in 2009. Gross margin was slightly up at 41.7 per cent.

Apple shifted 2.94 million computers during the period, though the company didn't indicate what proportion of these were portables or workstations.

But the biggest mover for Jobs' Mob was the annoyingly ubiquitous iPhone which made its way into another 8.75 million hands in the three-month period ending March 27th, a 131 per cent increase over 2009.

"We’re thrilled to report our best non-holiday quarter ever, with revenues up 49 per cent and profits up 90 per cent," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. "We’ve launched our revolutionary new iPad and users are loving it, and we have several more extraordinary products in the pipeline for this year," he hinted.

You can listen to Apple's financial results conference call here, if that sort of thing floats your boat.