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Blackberry OS 6.0 Pics leaked Online

Several pictures of the forthcoming Blackberry OS v6.0 have been leaked online and show a rather attractive new scheme that RIM, the Canadian manufacturers behind the Blackberry family, have adopted.

BGR, who got the exclusive, published four screenshots in all - sent by someone from AT&T - with a 255x340 pixels resolution, which unsurprisingly shows that RIM is sticking to a 4:3 screen ratio rather than the iPhone's 3:2 or increasingly common 16:9 (as on the Nokia 5800).

BOS 6.0 introduces a slew of improvements including a new Web-kit based browser with multitouch, tab switching, transparent overlay and favourites.

There's also a new media player with an iTunes-like Coverflow user interface and what BGR says is a smoother kinetic scrolling (where swiping sweep is proportional to the duration of the scroll) with rubber banding à la iPhone and pinch to zoom functionality, something that Apple might not entirely approve

The new home screen is now entirely customisable, featuring device search and it looks likely that version 6.0 of Blackberry OS has been inspired by Android as well.

Expect BOS 6.0 to formally be launched in June or July, just in time for when the new iPhone 4G is out; the platform should be unveiled at RIM's forthcoming WES 2010 conference which will take place next week.

Our Comments

Blackberry could have acquired Palm if it liked it and use WebOS. Blackberry OS needs desperately to catch up with a market that's been bedazzled by the likes of the iPhone and Android where more emphasis is put on appearance.

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