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Chinese Hackers Focused On Google Gaia Password System

The New York Times (NYT) has reported that the hackers behind the sophisticated cyber attack on the corporate infrastructure of search engine giant Google were after the company's internal system which manages the one-password log-in across all the web based services offered by Google.

Citing sources directly related to the investigation being carried out by the company, the article claimed that the Chinese hackers had targeted by the companies core password managing system.

Internally known as Gaia, breaking it open would have allowed them to gain unrestricted access to million of accounts of users who use Google's cloud based services across the globe.

A few months back, California based Google had reported a cyber attack targeted towards the Gmail accounts of several Chinese human rights activists, originating from China and had threatened to set the sun on its Chinese operations if China's Communist government did not allow it to operate in an web censorship free environment.

Google's outburst against the Chinese government forced the company to transfer its China base to Hongkong where no web censorship laws exists.

This move from Google had angered the citizens of the People's Republic of China and Chinese government, which claimed to have no role in the cyber attack faced by Google.