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US Teenagers Send 1500 Texts A Month

According to a study conducted by the US based Pew Internet and American Life project, an average American teenager prefers text messaging to social networking, instant messaging or making an actual conversation on the mobile phone.

The study report, which was concluded during the span of 18 months, claimed that half of the American teenagers, with access to a mobile phone, sent a minimum of 50 text messages in a day, making the total of 1,500 text messages in one month.

The reported also revealed that the number of American teenagers texting on a daily basis increased by 38 percent to 50 percent daily.

Text messaging has again become the preferred mode of communication for American teenagers who shun away emailing, instant messaging and even face-to-face conversation.

The survey conducted by the research organisation also reported that one in three American teenagers sent 100 text messages in a day, bringing the total to a staggering 3,000 messages per month.

Surprisingly, young teenage girls aged between 14 and 17 years, sent the maximum amount of text messages in a day, with the average of 100 text messages in a day, while young boys in the same age group averaged a measly 20 texts in a day.

Our Comments

In the UK, the proportion of teenager in the UK actually texting that much is likely to be much higher because of the large number of unlimited texts offers currently on the market. Giffgaff for example offers an unlimited SIM-only text-only deal for a mere £5.

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