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Android invades Apple iPhone

British mountaineer George Mallory was once asked why on earth he wanted to climb Everest.

His reply, which is now arguably one of the most familiar phrases in the English language, was, "Because it's there".

Doing something because you can do it is one of the strangest eccentricities of human nature. Nobody benefits by it. It won't put food on your table, or a roof over your head. It certainly won't get you a girlfriend.

Yet people still go to great pains to manipulate the implausible to achieve the unusable.

Which is what we thinq about running Google's Android mobile operating system on an ancient (yes... we know it's only a couple of years old, but time has a different consistency in Nerdvana) iPhone 2G.

Let us introduce you to a chap known to the denizen's of the Internet as Planetbeing - or David Wang to his mum. He is a very active member of the iPhone Dev Team, the scallywags responsible for most of the unspeakable jailbreaking activity on Apple's precious handset, and a contibutor to the Linux on iPhone blog

He is also a man who has enough spare time on his hands to allow him to footle about with the innards of the aforementioned device in order to force it to run a different OS, and not very well at that.

The video below shows Wong booting Android from a Linux 2.6 bootlloader. The Frankenphone appears to play music, handle web browsing and even make calls, albeit in slow motion.

The hacker even had to remap the volume up and down rocker as the 'call' and 'home' buttons as the iPhone is a bit deficient in that particular area.

Which is all very jolly, and clever and all that. But still begs one very important question.


(Mallory apparently froze to death near the summit of Everest, in case you were wondering.)