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Android Now Available For Apple's iPhone

Running Google's Android platform on the Apple iPhone is now possible thanks to the work carried out by Planetbeing, which is David Wong's nickname.

The guy was credited with running a barebone version of Android on the first generation iPhone and has now managed to do the same on the iPhone 2G. He did not work alone though, relying instead on a crack team behind the scene.

There's even a video which is nearly nine minutes long that shows how it was done. The iPhone has actually been converted to a dual boot one - thanks to OpeniBoot - and Wong goes on to show how to make calls, surf the web, send SMS and play media files.

The Apple 2G is still a capable smartphone and the device, while not the speediest around, can run Android rather well.

There are obviously a few major differences due to the fact that Apple has remapped a few keys compared to a traditional Android phone and the mod possibly involved bypassing Apple's security perimeter.

That said, while some say that it is the single biggest news in iPhone hacker ever, one must bear in mind that this only works on the first generation iPhone only - which had a hardware specs similar to the HTC Hero.

Our Comments

The obvious question one has to ask is why would someone go to such length to do something like that apart from the fact that they might incur the wrath of Apple. Still it is an interesting case study and one that could encourage others to follow suit.

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