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Apple announces iTunes Music Festival 2010

Always willing to be groovy and get down with the kids, Apple has announced the first three dates of the iTunes Music Festival.

Applepalooza, as we've decided to call it, will take place at the venerable Roundhouse in London's Camden and the Cupertino company has announced the first three of 31 gigs which take place throughout July.

Tickets are available free, either by a ballot on the festival's web site or through competitions running on once great indie station XFM.

If you can't make it to London, all of the shows will be recorded live and will be available on iTunes soon after.

The first three line-ups have been announced and Apple has shown that it has its finger firmly on the pulse of modern music by signing spandex-clad popsters Scissor Sisters, octogenarian crooner Tony Bennett and bimbling Lord of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne.

Let me hear you say 'eclectic!'