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Apple MacBook is the hottest tech in town

Apple's newly-released 17-inch MacBook Pro has shown some worrying CPU heat issues under full load.

Zara Baxter over at Aussie tech site PC Authority pushed the CPU to breaking point by running a Cinebench in Windows under Boot Camp, and recorded core temperatures in the Intel i7 CPU peaking at a testicle-toasting 101 degrees celsius.

In fact, the MacBook's unibody aluminium shell got so hot that the tester had to stand the laptop on its side to stop it melting the desk.

Identical tests were run on a Fujitsu Lifebook SH 760 with the same i7-620M CPU and the results showed the CPU peaking a full 20 degrees cooler than the Apple hardware.

"From our testing in both Windows and OS X it seems that while the CPU is powerful, the heat output associated with it running at full load is definitely a cause for concern," said Baxter. "In this case the fantastic looks of the unibody Aluminium design are let down by the sheer amount of heat buildup experienced."