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Dell Windows Phone 7 Lightning Smartphone Appears Online

Dell is set to enter the smartphone market with a bang with the Lightning smartphone which will be a Windows Phone 7 model with a proper QWERTY keyboard.

According to Engadget, the phone, a slider-model which is set to be launched in Q4 2010, just on time for Windows Phone 7, will also be upgradable to support 4G LTE in 2011.

The phone comes with a 1Ghz Qualcommm processor, a 4.1-inch OLED capacitive screen, a five megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, 1GB ROM and 512MB RAM, a bundled 8GB microSD card, GPS, Accelerometer, FM radio and built in compass.

The device will come with support for Flash (although it is unlikely to be the case initially) and Microsoft's Silverlight. On top of this, there will be multi touch Pinch Zoom, Panning and Double Tap to stick to the rest of the competition.

The Lightning is very similar visually to the Nokia X6 which is already on the market but doesn't come with the full QWERTY keyboard. Adding a slide out keyboard though makes it significantly thicker.

Arguably, since the phone is powered by WP7, it will come with Zune, Bing and Xbox Live capabilities built in natively.

Our Comments

What a comeback from Dell, obviously the Austin-based manufacturer is not taking any risks and is betting on the two major alternative platforms available - Android and Windows Phone 7. It could potentially have chosen to buy Palm but this never happened.

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