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Microsoft Partners With Facebook To Deliver Facebook Docs

During the F8 Facebook developer conference in San Francisco, the company's Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg announced a surprising collaboration with software giant Microsoft for an online document sharing service known as Facebook Docs.

The service - which can be previewed at - will help Facebook users to share their Microsoft Office documents with their friends and colleagues.

While Microsoft plans to launch its own web-based document sharing service this year, it finds a better way to try and test its new technology on an established user base.

However, Microsoft's Office 2010 web edition has some limitations when integrated with Facebook Docs, the foremost being privacy issues.

The new feature, when launched, will help the Facebook users to create, edit, upload and share word documents with their friends, pretty much like photos, with updates in news feed and walls and will also help in keeping the PC or MacBook in sync with the social networking platform.

Although the two companies have joined hands in order to compete with Google Docs., both of them nurture separate and bigger goals.

The web based version of Microsoft's Office 2010 is expected to go live by the next week, but the release dates of Docs Beta has not been disclosed to the public.

Our Comments

The Microsoft's version is still underpowered when compared to the latest version of Google Docs as it targets the consumers through Facebook whereas Google Docs appeals more to enterprise software users. There's much more to Docs that meets the eye. Stay tuned for more.

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