Phones 4U Denies Commissioning iPhone Survey

A fake survey claimed that iPhone owners tend to come across as more appealing and attractive to women than their counterparts who use other handsets. This was apparently the result of a recent survey supposedly carried out by Phones4U.

The study based on the survey of more than 1500 women claimed that more than 50 percent of the women surveyed are interested in men who own iPhones, and referred to them as more reliable, humorous, intelligent and well-groomed than the men who do not have Apple's signature phone.

However, in a press statement issued later in the day, the company denied to have conducted any such survey and called it absolutely fake, directing the sites to drop the it.

Later, it came out that the survey was published by Sticky Eyes, its digital marketing agency, which conducted it through a third party, without a prior permission from Phones 4U, leaving the press deceived.

Apple's smartphone alone has led the Cupertino-based to surpass all estimated targets of its earnings, by increasing its second-quarter income of the last fiscal by almost double.