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Prescott takes election fight to Twitter

We may have to wait till tonight to see the party leaders slug it out in Bristol, but New Labour election heavyweight John 'two jabs' Prescott has already taken the fight to the Tories on Twitter.

Prescott accused local Conservative candidate Martin Coxall of attacking two women this afternoon when the former deputy leader was on a walkabout in East London's Poplar.

Coxall was led away by the police after the incident.

Soon after the event, Prescott tweeted: "I'm alright after the scuffle. He didn't touch me but I was worried about the ladies. He was wearing a John Prescott mask! Bizarre."

It wasn’t long before he was taunting Tory chairman Eric Pickles on the microblogging site: "Tory council candidate in Poplar Martin Coxall attacked two women in scuffle trying to get me. Expect this from BNP not Tories."

This isn't Prezza's first round of the election on Twitter. Last week saw him cooking up a plan to bankrupt the Tories.

We can only wait to see if his leader, Bruiser Broon, can land a similar punch this evening.